Mindy Raf is a comedian, actress, writer and musician based in Brooklyn, New York. Mindy has contributed to MTV's GIRL CODE, COLLEGEHUMOR, TNT, VH1, The Daily Comedy Network, and the MY PARENTS WERE AWESOME anthology. Her comedy and writing have received accolades from BUST MAGAZINE (“we walked out holding on to our ribs from laughing so hard”), PUBLISHERS WEEKLY (“refreshing”), and BCCB (“pitch-perfect”), among others. She has been invited to perform at the Women in Comedy Festival, SketchFestNYC, NY Funny Songs Fest, SOLOCOM Festvial, the Bridgetown Comedy Festival, where she was named a festival highlight performing as her popular musical comedy alter-ego, Leibya Rogers. Mindy's debut young adult novel The Symptoms of My Insanity (DIAL/Penguin) is out now. Her critically acclaimed solo comedy show Keeping My Kidneys was named an "LBGT Best Bet" and one of  “20 Stellar Things To Do” by Time Out New York, “hilariously quirky” by Theatre Is Easy, and is currently in production monthly in NYC.