★★★★ THE EDINBURGH REPORTER "Barrier-breaking...inventive, sexually liberated (and liberating) one-woman show...cleverly conceived and engagingly kooky."

 ★★★★ ED FEST MAGAZINE "... cheeky and infectious. ...intensely loveable, painfully relatable humour. And her dive into the romantic story of how she met her significant other is almost as moving as her powerful message about bisexuality.

"THE SICK OF THE FRINGE “Raf makes a bold case for understanding how we are always all of our identities, and how these identities intersect, inform, challenge and support each other in exciting ways...pointed and important revelations about the challenging and absurd realities of the American healthcare system, Midwestern Jewishness and family, and marginalized sexual identities." 

THEATRE IS EASY Finally someone is bringing humor and—most importantly —normality to parts of the human psychology and emotional life that are far too often romanticized, or even fetishized.” 

NEW YORK TIMES HIGHLIGHTED AS “COMEDY IN NYC THIS WEEK” “modern love…sex, anxiety, coming out, polyamory, self-identity, queer culture and her relationship with the movie “Dirty Dancing.”

★★★★★ TIME OUT NEW YORK “The stand-up queen of self deprecation . . .LGBT Best Bet.”

EFFORT-LEZ "60 minutes of hilarity.”
HY REVIEWS “... a whole new level of comedy greatness. Raf delivers a performance so intimate and in-the-moment that it almost feels as if she’s revealing herself spontaneously...a star talent who demands attention." 

 GO MAGAZINE “In the midst of all of the terrifying political news out there, sometimes you just need to laugh it off. Mindy Raf brings audience members on a hilarious journey through life and death, polyamorous relationship struggles, anxiety, bisexuality, and sex positivity in her 60-minute performance.Raf had the audience in fits of laughter as she smoothly moved through her relatable and witty narrative of trying to figure it all out.”

 Josh Lefkowitz, Author/Poet "I'm still thinking about Not The One days after seeing...it was so funny and well-written and honest and real, and left me with this feeling of resolved incompleteness that the best poems do - thrown back out into the world, not knowing how it all is going to unfold, and somehow being okay with that…"

Mandy Evans Brown, Producer/Actress “So funny and really moving. Coming again, and I'm bringing friends."

Effy Blue, Relationship Coach/Speaker “I laughed and cried, and laughed and cringed, and laughed more, cried a little and then laughed and then it ended. And I was ready to see it again- for the 4the time.”